Vintage Friday: Classy

18 Jun

This week’s Vintage Friday extravaganza was dedicated to 50s. Since I was a little pushed for time this morning, I grabbed my favorite dress (given to me by my favorite roommate, Kelli) and got to the hairspray. Tons and tons of hairspray later, I emerged from the bathroom with my hair in some kind of nifty twist and what I can only describe as a Superman curl upon my brow… ( the Superman thing was NOT intentional, but as the day went on, it amused me more and more).

To create this most excellent hair style, I pulled the front of my hair back and wrapped the rest underneath. All the hairspray was because of my multitude of layers. Now do you want to see the results??

I have decided that Vintage Fridays are the best thing ever! Soon I hope that you will all join me in the game.

So what are you doing to celebrate Fathers’ Day?

-The Vintage Sweetheart


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