Tip of the Week: Earrings

23 Jun

Okay, be honest. How many of you have gone to grab some earrings and then had to spend forever searching for the matching earring because its pair had disappeared into the mass of jewelry that you own? I only ask because I know I have.

While a recent pierced-earring wearer (I got them pieced two months after I turned 21 due to a terrified renege when I was 8 years old… which made my parents raise the ear piercing age which my little sister still throws up to me sometimes).

Well, with a little time after taking off your earrings… you will never have to worry about this search again. Best part is all you need is a button.

What you do is you put your earrings in the holes in the button. Then, as long as you dont lose the button, you will never have to go out in search of that one missing earring. Unless of course you are Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan…


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