Author! A. A. Milne

30 Jun

Now some of you will automatically see A. A. Milne’s name and think “Winnie the Pooh…” Oh! pardon me! I meant Winnie-ther-Pooh… and I don’t blame you. Since Disney came along and made Winnie the Pooh into an adorable little animation, the natural inclination is to turn towards the amusing cartoons (they are releasing yet another this year which me and my little sister – who is 19- plan on attending). But we should not forget the stories that came before. In my opinion, they are hysterical. Also, if you want your child to start off right, reading Winnie the Pooh is a great way to start. The vocabulary is phenomenal, the characters are simply endearing, and the stories are amusing. I know that  I went out and played Poohsticks after reading about the game… or when Eeyore’s house will not stand and Pooh and Piglet move it without informing poor Eeyore.

Precious timeless classics… however, if you have moved past Winnie the Pooh age (and you have a hard time returning back to your childhood fantasies), there is still hope for you to enjoy some of A. A. Milne’s priceless work! If you have a lean toward fantasy, try Once On a Time. The tagline for this gem is “A Fairytale for Adults,” and it is CHARMING. It is a little bit off the wall, but if you love beautiful imagery, funny story-lines, and a pleasant romp through two kingdoms going to “battle” over on monarch zipping through another’s breakfast after obtaining seven league boots, severe letters, mustaches shorn off, handsome princes changed into odd creatures, and one Countess Belvane who decides one day to “go bad” (although deliciously not at all) which goes into her rather enormous diary… then you are in for a treat. I think one of my favorite parts is when the Countess is trying to convince the Princess that there are people marching to her father’s aid by making one of the servants march around a tree again and again and again… dont worry… Wigs gets to dance in the end!

But you are still hesitant? Then get your hands on a copy of The Red House Mystery. This hysterical mystery starts with a murder and proceeds to encompass every aspect of some poor chap (Tony)  who was, for all intents and purposes, wandering through. I love all the references to Sherlock Holmes and what a snob he was. In fact at one part the main character tells his “Watson” that he felt Sherlock had some rather useless knowledge stuck in his brain which he then demonstrates. Sherlocks laughter at poor Watson for not knowing how many steps there were leading up to the Bakerstreet address causes Tony to question how that will ever be important to have stuck in your brain. Genius style and completely outside of what you would think of as A. A. Milne, and yet, so completely Milne that your brain may very well be astounded!

Now go out and read some A. A. Milne!

The Vintage Sweetheart!


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