Unknown Decade… Awesome Shoes

1 Jul

I picked up this week’s dress at a swap ‘n shop. Best part was it was a complete reject that it was just abandoned, so I got it for absolutely nothing. Of course, it originally had its downsides including a high collar that was this icky yellow color. To be honest, it looked like armpit stains only around the neck. Gross, right! No real surprise that it was abandoned! (If you want to see a pic of what it looked like, go here)

I took out the collar, added a scoop neck, and sewed up the back – for some reason I cannot fathom it had one of those one-button backs with a kind of hole thing… weird.) Perfect sundress. Perfect for having a fun day in the sun. My goal is to boating in this dress. I mean, come on… does this not say “Sailing” to you? Oh, really? Ah, well.

As for my shoes, they had been dying. The paint was rubbing off and one of the seams was ripping out. I could not stand for this! These are my EPIC shoes! So I did what any sane, normal girl would do… I deco-podged them with a romance novel. I love them twenty times what I used to.

Barefoot and beautiful… at least, the dress is! ;)

The Vintage Sweetheart


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