Girlie Drinks, Bubbles, Merry-Go-Rounds and Awesome Friends

3 Jul

Today I decided to treat myself. After working hard all day long on homework, I looked in my fridge and decided that some seriously girlie drinks would be the best place to start. Soooo, since I don’t drink alcohol, I enjoyed a strawberry-spiked lemonade.

I took it out onto the ledge to my apartment and grabbed my bubbles (just picked them up yesterday. Scented and everything!) and had a piece of fun.

Then my roommate came home and suggested going to the merry-go-round that we still have in town. Can I tell you how much I love and miss merry-go-rounds? I am so sad that they were deemed unsafe for this generation to play with in most places… it both a tragedy and a travesty in my opinion. I mean look how cute it looks!

Once we got this out of our systems, we ran out to play with some friends with bubble and balance beams. I am telling you, if you want to have fun… go out and do all the things you did as a kid.

(Sierra blew the bubble while I went around popping them. I thought is was fun that you see the trails of the bubbles. Very nifty if you ask me.)



(This is me perched on the balance beam. I was scared at first that  I would fall off when doing the splits, but after scooching my leg down and forward, I made it!)

It turned into an awesome night of some great fun and I found the most, hugest dandelions EVER. When the light is better, I will be taking tons and tons of pictures to share with you. These were so cool that I just couldn’t believe them all the way myself!!!

-The Vintage Sweetheart!


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