4th of July: Happy Pseudo-Birthday USA

4 Jul


Hey, everyone! It is the 4th of July, and where I come from that means swimming, bbq, fireworks, and general fun-raising. However, in a tribute to our independence from Great Britain, I would just like to ask why the 4th is our day of celebration?

What became the United States of America originally succeeded on the 2nd of July. It was not until two days later when they approved and put their John Hancock on the document, however.

But, did you know that when the Independence day holiday was originally created, it was on the 8th of July. This was when the signing of the declaration was made public to the masses. It was read to the colonists at this time, kind of a, by the way announcement in my mind. :)

Also, when approved, 12 of the colonies voted yay. 0 voted nay. Wait! there were 13 you say. (oh look, I rhymed!). New York abstained from voting. It only joined the party on the 19th of July, cementing all 13 colonies against England.

So here is my question: why did we pick the 4th? It could have just as easily been on the 2nd, 8th, or 19th… or if you want to get REALLY crazy, you could say that it was the day when they discarded the Articles of Confederation and created the Constitution. After all, is that not what makes this country truly unique?

Maybe it is because of all the famous people who died on the 4th. Maybe they just figured if that was when those people kicked the bucket that that should be the day to celebrate their achievements. Who were some of these pillars of the community? John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died the SAME FOURTH (second and third presidents).

Who knows? I can’t wait to take pictures of fireworks though!

(Sorry for the lack of photos here!)

-The Vintage Sweetheart


One Response to “4th of July: Happy Pseudo-Birthday USA”

  1. Melanie Anderson 5 July 2011 at 11.42 pm #

    WHOO< WHOOO< Melissa, looks like a fun person with fun friends and a good life!
    Keep working love, we look forward to seeing you!
    Want a big jump up in spirits? I will forward Tristan Mayfield's missionary letters that he has given his mom permission to share around. That young fellow has such an enjoyable
    sharp mind and such positivity that it a major part of his being so enjoyable.
    Send me your email address that you check up on and read.
    Love always,

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