70’s and Farmers’ Market

10 Jul

Friday, I went to the Farmers’ Market in the tiny town in which I currently live with a few of my friends… and it was amazing! There was such an interesting collection of stuff! Here are just a few examples:

I think that my favorite was the sucker in the shape of a rubber ducky. How can you deny the appeal of a sucker the flavor of Tutti Frutti? Especially when it is a rubber ducky?!?

I decided to be a true rebel, so I wore mismatched shoes. They had the same color scheme, so that’s OK, right?

Do you ever just feel inspired to take it easy and relax? It was just so awesome. The Convoy song played over their speakers as well as Johnny Cash (classic!) and then the kids got to do chalk art. After the fact, I decided to add a little bit of mine.

 Two adorable little girls helped me out with it. It was such fun.

One of them took a break next to Haylee. Turns out the little girl’s name was Haylee too!

All in all it was a day of great fun, great friends and great hair!


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