TV Gems: Honey West

5 Aug

The tagline reads: Before The Bionic Woman and Alias… there was Honey West!

And with her pet ocelot, that is exactly what this gem entails. Released in 1965 and ’66, Honey was America’s answer to Emma Peel (from The Avengers)



Honey’s contemporaries included: I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, (just recently finished) Leave It to Beaver, Petticoat Junction, and the Andy Griffith Show. As you can see, none of these are particularly sleek, sophisticated, (emancipated), and down-right cantankerous females. (I would like to add for the files that she constantly reminds me of Elizabeth Montgomery) Honey West fills this with a bit of humor and a whole lot of spunk.

Honey is a PI. It seems she took over from her dad. Only she likes to get into more trouble than really is strictly necessary for her assignments. Makes it fun though.

The gadgets are hysterical. Let’s just say, some of them make me think of earlier Bond movies as they actually pull little antennae up from glasses and lipstick to talk to each other. Oh, but who is the “we”? Honey has a man-Friday if you will played by Sam Bolt. They have what is best termed as sexual tension that you see in other classic shows: Remington Steele, Bones (hopefully that will soon be completely resolved), and soooooo on. Basically, those are the ones that came to mind first, but we all know what I am talking about. Anyway, they argue like a couple with her not taking a lick of him trying to keep her “safe.”

Oh, let me not forget to show Sam. After all, he is quite the cutie.

Yeah… yeah… hmmmm…. You dont see guys like that in tv (or movies) anymore.

Okay, back in focus. This is fun, and I love her outfits. If you are searching for an older mystery with a bit of sex tied in, look no further.




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