19 Aug

I am fairly ashamed about my lack of being here. And by fairly, I really mean that I am almost completely ashamed by my lack of presence. I enjoy being here, but I am still establishing a routine since I moved back to Texas, and still failing miserably.

But you did not come here for me berating myself. You want to see posters, and by jingo, so you shall. The following are a few posters that I did in Photoshop for my visual media class. Now, I have finished the class, and they were just sitting there, taunting me. Maybe you will enjoy them too!

(This is the first in a two part series. Note his rose… poor fool)

(He has most certainly learned his lesson. That is chocolate that he now holds.)

(I did this one while I was waiting to leave school after I finished all my finals. That was before I had the programs myself and had to find a time when there was a free computer.)

(And this is my favorite. So I saved it for the end.)

My inspiration for this series was Anne Taintor. She is the one who penned, “I feel a sin coming on”!



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