22 Aug

Do you ever feel that the days you look your best, are the days when there are NO cameras nearby? Then when you just broke out or stained something, that is the day when everyone is taking pictures? Such has been my life the past few weeks, so all of my REALLY cute outfits will have to be reassembled (not that I am complaining since I love wearing them), so I can share them with you.

Anyhoo… I went out for cupcakes last Friday with my little sister and her friend. I was wearing hot pink and a hat, so obviously the day had to be marvelous. I love going to those specialty shops. They may cost an arm and leg, but they are fun, and they just beg for people to go dressed up to. I felt like we should be having tea with our cupcakes!

This is my little sister. Her outfit was absolutely adorable. Absolutely.

This is Kate. She is awesome. Her dress was also awesome. Life is also awesome.


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