My Newest Obsession: Aprons

19 Oct

I have taken to making aprons in a purely insane manner. It all started when I saw a pattern offered for the Tea and Crumpets apron by Anthropologie; however, when I looked at the pattern, it did not nearly give the whole thing. Instead, I had to turn to my sister’s apron for ideas. I created the design and implemented it, and I love the candy cane. (I want to make one that has all white trim with candy stripes on the main body, and I have enough material left to do just that :)

Me in my cute new apron in my sewing corner. Although every time I get underway, I feel I must break it down again.

Apron Number 2. For this one, I added a second ruffle… Oh, and by the way, I discovered how to recreate the Tea and Crumpets after careful study of an extremely enhanced image. Oodles of fun, eh?

Oh, yes. The third was a just a piece of fun. It all started with a men’s shirt that I had used part of for another project. The inspiration started with a book that I checked out about aprons from the library. Don’t you just love the pocket? or the bow?

I am considering creating personalized aprons for sale on Etsy. What think ye?

~The Vintage Sweetheart


2 Responses to “My Newest Obsession: Aprons”

  1. Casey Anderson Martin 19 October 2011 at 12.42 pm #

    I say yes

    • mdanderson89 20 October 2011 at 12.18 am #

      Thank you!

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