Make Your Bruises Disappear Quick

16 Jan

Do you ever wake up with unknown bruises that last for days? Or have you ever smacked yourself really good on something that gave you a lovely color patch, better known as a bruise?

Ah, yes. The joys and mysteries of trying to deal with bruises are vast and plentiful (and I should know as I seem to have a natural proclivity to amassing bruises). This is almost always obnoxious, but it inevitably comes at a time when you really want to look pristine.

Well, fear no more. With nothing more than a banana peel, you can get rid of these confidence cloggers and go on your merry way.

Take your banana peel, and apply it flesh side down on the bruise (you do NOT have to use the whole peel when a portion will do). Then bind it to you with a bandage, and leave it on overnight. There is a substance in the peel that will help your bruise fade quickly, leaving you just as phenomenal as ever before!

***I cant stop from making some sort of joke about banana peels making bruises more often than they remove them… :)

~The Vintage Sweetheart


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