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New ‘do

20 Oct

Sunday was a lovely day, so I decked out in what should have been appropriate for the weather, a long sleeved mini dress from the 60s. Found this gem in a second-hand shop in Utah for three dollars, and I have loved it ever since.

So I straightened my hair, teased a section, made a minor pouf, and added a little pomade (which is steadily becoming my favorite hair supply tool, right under bobby pins).

Then I sashayed my way to church because nothing says scandal like a little Sunday outing outfit. :D

~The Vintage Sweetheart


70’s and Farmers’ Market

10 Jul

Friday, I went to the Farmers’ Market in the tiny town in which I currently live with a few of my friends… and it was amazing! There was such an interesting collection of stuff! Here are just a few examples:

I think that my favorite was the sucker in the shape of a rubber ducky. How can you deny the appeal of a sucker the flavor of Tutti Frutti? Especially when it is a rubber ducky?!?

I decided to be a true rebel, so I wore mismatched shoes. They had the same color scheme, so that’s OK, right?

Do you ever just feel inspired to take it easy and relax? It was just so awesome. The Convoy song played over their speakers as well as Johnny Cash (classic!) and then the kids got to do chalk art. After the fact, I decided to add a little bit of mine.

 Two adorable little girls helped me out with it. It was such fun.

One of them took a break next to Haylee. Turns out the little girl’s name was Haylee too!

All in all it was a day of great fun, great friends and great hair!

Unknown Decade… Awesome Shoes

1 Jul

I picked up this week’s dress at a swap ‘n shop. Best part was it was a complete reject that it was just abandoned, so I got it for absolutely nothing. Of course, it originally had its downsides including a high collar that was this icky yellow color. To be honest, it looked like armpit stains only around the neck. Gross, right! No real surprise that it was abandoned! (If you want to see a pic of what it looked like, go here)

I took out the collar, added a scoop neck, and sewed up the back – for some reason I cannot fathom it had one of those one-button backs with a kind of hole thing… weird.) Perfect sundress. Perfect for having a fun day in the sun. My goal is to boating in this dress. I mean, come on… does this not say “Sailing” to you? Oh, really? Ah, well.

As for my shoes, they had been dying. The paint was rubbing off and one of the seams was ripping out. I could not stand for this! These are my EPIC shoes! So I did what any sane, normal girl would do… I deco-podged them with a romance novel. I love them twenty times what I used to.

Barefoot and beautiful… at least, the dress is! ;)

The Vintage Sweetheart

Vintage Friday: Classy

18 Jun

This week’s Vintage Friday extravaganza was dedicated to 50s. Since I was a little pushed for time this morning, I grabbed my favorite dress (given to me by my favorite roommate, Kelli) and got to the hairspray. Tons and tons of hairspray later, I emerged from the bathroom with my hair in some kind of nifty twist and what I can only describe as a Superman curl upon my brow… ( the Superman thing was NOT intentional, but as the day went on, it amused me more and more).

To create this most excellent hair style, I pulled the front of my hair back and wrapped the rest underneath. All the hairspray was because of my multitude of layers. Now do you want to see the results??

I have decided that Vintage Fridays are the best thing ever! Soon I hope that you will all join me in the game.

So what are you doing to celebrate Fathers’ Day?

-The Vintage Sweetheart

Pin Curls: And How You Can Too

11 Jun

I was thinking about how I could add a little vintage to my life… my decision: PIN CURLS and VINTAGE FRIDAYS. Vintage Fridays are a hip new thing that I decided would add a little spice to my life. If you want some sort of explanation, here it goes:

Friday: A decade shall be picked. Then with whatever I have in my closet already, I have to create that look. The trick about Vintage Friday is that it has to be stuff you have. No need to go spending beaucoup bucks on an outfit. What can you throw together that looks good and vintagey? Now, if you already have those things in your closet… well, I wont naysay that epicness.

So want to see the results of my first Vintage Friday? Of course you are. I can just see you panting to see what I have only tantalized you with on Facebook thus far. :D

I will be honest, I started a little early. I had to set my hair in pin curlers for the ultimate look, and I did that at 11.30pm to midnight on Thursday, but I figured that I made the rules, so if anyone gets to “break them,” it has to be me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I tried to get a ton of different angles on the curls. It is hard since I am tripod-less (hope that I can get when I go home… just waiting so I dont have to fly it home in six weeks, but I may break down. I mean, they are fairly small). So… want to know how I did it?

Well, this is going to be a horrid explanation, but I washed my hair, so it was ALL WET. Then I grabbed a comb (my roommate’s… oops) and some bobby pins. Carefully I divided my bangs from the rest of my hair. Then I twisted them, making sure that the ends were tucked in. (I warned you the explanation would be terrible!) After that, I went through the rest of my hair in layers. I was sure not to grab too much.

Then I coated it in enough hairspray to kill off an enormous amount of brain cells (which explains some of my behavior today…). Now for the best part of this story. I do not have any of my nifty scarves here to wrap around my hair to protect it from my night-time wigglings… so what did I do? I found a long-sleeved shirt, wrapped it around my head, and then tried to sleep. Shirts= super bulky.

Morning came; I gently removed the shirt and took out the bobby pins. Then carefully, I brushed the curls down and added a couple more coats of hairspray.


Paired with my fav 1940s outfit, I hit the road.

-The Vintage Sweetheart

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