Make Your Bruises Disappear Quick

16 Jan

Do you ever wake up with unknown bruises that last for days? Or have you ever smacked yourself really good on something that gave you a lovely color patch, better known as a bruise?

Ah, yes. The joys and mysteries of trying to deal with bruises are vast and plentiful (and I should know as I seem to have a natural proclivity to amassing bruises). This is almost always obnoxious, but it inevitably comes at a time when you really want to look pristine.

Well, fear no more. With nothing more than a banana peel, you can get rid of these confidence cloggers and go on your merry way.

Take your banana peel, and apply it flesh side down on the bruise (you do NOT have to use the whole peel when a portion will do). Then bind it to you with a bandage, and leave it on overnight. There is a substance in the peel that will help your bruise fade quickly, leaving you just as phenomenal as ever before!

***I cant stop from making some sort of joke about banana peels making bruises more often than they remove them… :)

~The Vintage Sweetheart


New ‘do

20 Oct

Sunday was a lovely day, so I decked out in what should have been appropriate for the weather, a long sleeved mini dress from the 60s. Found this gem in a second-hand shop in Utah for three dollars, and I have loved it ever since.

So I straightened my hair, teased a section, made a minor pouf, and added a little pomade (which is steadily becoming my favorite hair supply tool, right under bobby pins).

Then I sashayed my way to church because nothing says scandal like a little Sunday outing outfit. :D

~The Vintage Sweetheart

My Newest Obsession: Aprons

19 Oct

I have taken to making aprons in a purely insane manner. It all started when I saw a pattern offered for the Tea and Crumpets apron by Anthropologie; however, when I looked at the pattern, it did not nearly give the whole thing. Instead, I had to turn to my sister’s apron for ideas. I created the design and implemented it, and I love the candy cane. (I want to make one that has all white trim with candy stripes on the main body, and I have enough material left to do just that :)

Me in my cute new apron in my sewing corner. Although every time I get underway, I feel I must break it down again.

Apron Number 2. For this one, I added a second ruffle… Oh, and by the way, I discovered how to recreate the Tea and Crumpets after careful study of an extremely enhanced image. Oodles of fun, eh?

Oh, yes. The third was a just a piece of fun. It all started with a men’s shirt that I had used part of for another project. The inspiration started with a book that I checked out about aprons from the library. Don’t you just love the pocket? or the bow?

I am considering creating personalized aprons for sale on Etsy. What think ye?

~The Vintage Sweetheart

Asking You

2 Oct

What would be most interesting to you? How people used to conduct day-to-day life? Appropriate clothes for certain events and life? Expected manners of days gone by? The outfits they wore? Make up and hair tips? Some mixture? Let me know what you think would best fit here. :)

Trip to the Zoo

26 Sep

Friday was my nephew’s third birthday. So I joined my sister in taking her kids to the zoo. Here is just a taste of the day.

The birthday boy. Isn’t he sweet?

(I would add more pictures, but for some reason, my blog wont let me post pictures that are portrait style. I am trying to fix this sillyness)

Have a marvelous day!

Wine and Woman

21 Sep

I have decided that if  I someday want to own a store then I should work on displays. So my new goal is to share some of these with you. Please feel free to leave constructive criticism. Destructive criticism will just have me sniffling like a big baby (a la Audrey Hepburn in How to Steal a Million).

This first attempt was awful. Had to chuck the whole thing, but on the upside, I got to take some fun pix playing with light and shadow. Each of the following pictures was taken in a pitch black room with a dim torch lighting the scene. What do you think?

(My theme was a night of fun and fancy. A date, if you will. Or a rendez-vous. My lips are sealed)

The “Burgundy” is a flight of fancy. I found this rich piece of burgundy that I thought might be interesting to try to make it appear to be a drink…

(You can see the tag on this one. I am so abashed)

And my coolest image is portrait so I cant share. I’m sorry.

Film Noir

19 Sep

Cool weather strolled around Texas for a few days this week with accompanying storms. So I did what any self-respecting vintage nut would do… started watching old thrillers.

So when I got the opportunity, I decided that this would be my next outfit. Film Noir feel… how do you think it came out?

I used Vintage Hairstyling by Lauren Rennells to inspire me in my hair set. The back waved, and the front swept. My conclusion, I love vintage hairstyles and will probably be doing them SIGNIFICANTLY more often.

A few people mentioned that I could wear anything I wanted and get away with it, they could never wear things like that (and while this particular ensemble at church seems to agree with them); I, myself, disagree.

You just have to have confidence. If I decide I am going to wear something, then come hell or high water (the Texan in me), I will wear it with confidence. You cant talk someone out of an outfit if they really like it (no matter how terrible it might look). And let’s be honest, styles have changed… people’s body types have not.

If you are a closet vintage, and you wish you had the courage, here is what I say: Wear it with pride. Wear it with taste. And you just can’t go too far wrong… (although there are some decades we are all probably better off forgetting.)

Living it up vintage, The Vintage Sweetheart.

PS. I have a hard time with cute. There is just something about my demeanor that doesn’t allow me to be completely wholesome. Just saying.

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