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Vintage Friday: Classy

18 Jun

This week’s Vintage Friday extravaganza was dedicated to 50s. Since I was a little pushed for time this morning, I grabbed my favorite dress (given to me by my favorite roommate, Kelli) and got to the hairspray. Tons and tons of hairspray later, I emerged from the bathroom with my hair in some kind of nifty twist and what I can only describe as a Superman curl upon my brow… ( the Superman thing was NOT intentional, but as the day went on, it amused me more and more).

To create this most excellent hair style, I pulled the front of my hair back and wrapped the rest underneath. All the hairspray was because of my multitude of layers. Now do you want to see the results??

I have decided that Vintage Fridays are the best thing ever! Soon I hope that you will all join me in the game.

So what are you doing to celebrate Fathers’ Day?

-The Vintage Sweetheart


The Wonderful World of Living Vintage

2 Jun

I am a huge vintage enthusiast. I love creeping around estate sales, usually with a sister in tow, and nosing out amazing finds. I love going to thrift stores and discovering that one really, RIDICULOUSLY cool outfit… or DISGUSTINGLY adorable recipe box. This blog is dedicated to all of those who, like me, love vintage, but have to scrounge for quality they can afford.

We are going to be finding vintage items, vintage-inspired projects, and delicious homemade recipes together. There will be tons of pictures, tons of inspiration, and tons of “if only, if only.”

-The Vintage Sweetheart

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