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Gardens and Bubbles

6 Jul

I have always loved going to gardens… and when I put on my blue dress, I knew that I could get some amazing images and fun! I found this beauty in my hometown thrift store which of course is the one thrift store that doesn’t let you try things on, so I had to buy blind. But I loved the color and the skirt looked cool. When I put it on, it was love at first wear. It is amazingly detailed. The crochet work… oh my goodness.

Anywho, I was in the gardens at my school this Sunday. Let me tell you, they were PACKED! Complete with moms, kids, photographers, and a Sunday school class. I had every intention of taking pictures of these enormous dandelions that I found the other day, but they all puffed away when I was walking to the gardens. I mean, look how huge these are!

However, I came prepared, so I grabbed the bubbles that I had just acquired and started to have fun. I must have blown a bajillion bubbles or so. The kids that passed by loved it! (Can’t wait until I have my sisters and nephews to take pictures of!!!)


I found the absolutely coolest spiderweb that was still covered in dew at 3 or so… It was nestled into a little crevice under a rock. Beautiful! I wish my pictures of it had come out better. I was taking a picture when I caught sight of it, which is why I was looking down…

Turned out to be a magical afternoon. I loved it so much, even with all the interesting interruptions.

This picture kind of shows how magical it was… I did this image for a class, but I liked it.

All in all, it was absolutely splendid… even if there were no dandelions.

-The Vintage Sweetheart


The Wonderful World of Living Vintage

2 Jun

I am a huge vintage enthusiast. I love creeping around estate sales, usually with a sister in tow, and nosing out amazing finds. I love going to thrift stores and discovering that one really, RIDICULOUSLY cool outfit… or DISGUSTINGLY adorable recipe box. This blog is dedicated to all of those who, like me, love vintage, but have to scrounge for quality they can afford.

We are going to be finding vintage items, vintage-inspired projects, and delicious homemade recipes together. There will be tons of pictures, tons of inspiration, and tons of “if only, if only.”

-The Vintage Sweetheart

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